Uninstall Instructions

If you wish to uninstall our software, please follow the instructions below.

1) Go to Start - Contol Panel - Fast Free Converter and choose the uninstall option.

2) You will be asked to close all your browser windows before the uninstall process can take place.

3) Once your browser is closed, the software will be removed from your computer.

4) If you have time, please send us some feedback on why you removed the software at admin @ fastfreeconverter.com

License: Freeware
Requirements: No special requirements
Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/

Useful Features

- 100% Free Software
- Convert any song/video instantly
- Most popular song/video formats supported!
- Free Technical Support Available if needed


Supported Operating Systems

This software has been tested and found to work on

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7

for both 32-bit editions and 64-bit editions.

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